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Roller Chain

CA620 roller chain is commonly known as CA620 agricultural roller chain and is manufactured using hardened steel parts to close tolerances. The CA620 agricultural chain is manufactured to American Standards and has been utilized within the industry for many years. This CA620 roller chain is durable, high quality, high strength, and has a long working life. CA620 agricultural roller chain is found in a wide range of applications, including agriculture, conveyors, corn gathering, elevator feed stations, feeder houses, forage harvesters, baggers, grain handling, manure spreaders, and more.

We offer a full line of CA620 roller chain attachments that can be assembled onto the chain in any configuration needed. We also offer full-line CA620 roller chain sprockets and can supply them with almost any hub, bore, or tooth configuration needed. For more information on the CA620 roller chain or to get a quote on attachments or sprockets, please contact us.


CA620 Roller Chain (Agricultural Roller Chain) Dimensions


ANSI Chain Size: CA620 Chain (CA620 Roller Chain)
Chain Material: Carbon/Alloy
Pitch (P): 1.650''
Inner Width (b1): 0.965''
Roller Diameter (d1): 0.705''
Overall Width (L): 1.780''
Pin Diameter (d2): 0.283"
Link Plate Height (h2): 0.795''
Link Plate Thickness (T): 0.128''
Average Tensile Strength: 12,300 lbs
Max Working Load: 1,480 lbs
No. Of Pitches/Links Per 10 Feet: 72
No. Of Connecting Links Included: 1

* All dimensions listed are nominal values.

Features of CA620 Roller Chain (Agricultural Chain)

The CA620 roller chain is a type of roller chain that is commonly used in agricultural applications. It is made of hardened steel parts to close tolerances, and it is designed to be durable, high quality, and high strength. Here are some of the features of the CA620 roller chain:

1. Solid rollers: The rollers are made of solid cold-forged steel for smoother contact with the sprocket teeth and to resist distorting under heavy loads.

2. Pre-loaded: The CA620 roller chain is pre-loaded to a minimum load required by the industry standard, which helps to improve the chain's durability and longevity.

3. Lubricated: The CA620 roller chain is pre-lubricated in a specially formulated lubricant through a hot-dipping process, which helps to reduce friction and wear.

4. Heat treated: The CA620 roller chain is heat treated to achieve optimum hardness for strength and wear resistance.

5. Shot peened: The CA620 roller chain is shot peened to combat fatigue failure from repetitive loads & wear, a compressive stress layer is added through shot peening.

The CA620 roller chain is a versatile and durable chain that is well-suited for a variety of agricultural applications. It is a good choice for applications where high strength, durability, and long working life are important.

CA620 Roller Chain (Agricultural Chain) Applications

CA620 roller chain is a type of agricultural chain that is commonly used in a variety of applications in the agriculture industry. Some of the common applications of the CA620 roller chain include the following:

Harvesting equipment: CA620 roller chain is used in harvesting equipment such as combine harvesters, hay balers, and forage harvesters to transfer power from the engine to the various components of the equipment.

Conveyors: CA620 roller chain is used in conveyor systems that are used to move crops, grains, and other agricultural products from one place to another in a processing facility.

Livestock feeding equipment: CA620 roller chain is used in livestock feeding equipment such as feed mixers and feed wagons to transfer power from the engine to the mixing or delivery components of the equipment.

Irrigation systems: CA620 roller chain is used in irrigation systems to transfer power from the engine to the components that control the flow of water.

Tillage equipment: CA620 roller chain is used in tillage equipment such as plows and cultivators to transfer power from the engine to the various components of the equipment.

Seed planting equipment: CA620 roller chain is used in seed planting equipment such as seed drills and planters to transfer power from the engine to the components that distribute the seeds.

CA620 Chain Sprockets for CA620 Roller Chain

CA620 chain sprockets are designed to work in conjunction with the CA620 roller chain. The sprockets have teeth that engage with the rollers on the chain, allowing for smooth and efficient power transmission. The teeth on the sprocket are designed to match the pitch and width of the chain, ensuring a perfect fit.

When selecting CA620 chain sprockets, it is important to consider the number of teeth on the sprocket and the diameter of the sprocket. The number of teeth on the sprocket determines the speed ratio between the driving and driven sprockets. The diameter of the sprocket affects the chain's wrap angle, which can affect the chain's performance and longevity.

CA620 roller chain is a type of agricultural chain that is designed for heavy-duty applications. It is made up of a series of rollers that are held together by links. The rollers and links are made from high-quality materials, such as heat-treated steel, that are designed to withstand the harsh conditions found in agricultural environments.

When selecting the CA620 roller chain, it is important to consider the chain's pitch, width, and strength. The pitch is the distance between the centers of adjacent rollers, while the width is the distance between the inner plates. The strength of the chain is determined by its tensile strength, which is the amount of force it can withstand before breaking.

Overall, CA620 chain sprockets and CA620 roller chains are designed to work together to provide reliable power transmission in a variety of agricultural applications. It is important to select the right sprockets and chains for your specific application to ensure optimal performance and longevity.


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