Tomato Paste Processing Line Ketchup Processing and Filling in Drum and Bottle

Tomato Paste Processing Line Ketchup Processing and Filling in Drum and Bottle

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We are the distinctive provider in China, and among the planet—we make machines, as well as make fruit juice. We have equipment production manufacturing facility, and we have fruit juice manufacturing manufacturing unit, and we have merchandise trading company. We are the only one particular !


So we can supply you:

entire-line devices

+ machine running encounter

+manufacturing unit management knowledge

+ solution marketing and advertising knowledge

+ complete-chain materials offer (fruit juice concentrate, packing material drums/aseptic baggage/pouches and many others, can generating machine and many others.)

CZPT Introduction of the complete line:

When we chatting about tomato paste processing, we mainly means in two techniques:

1. tomato focus processing line 
  from ( fresh tomato) to (220L aseptic bag in steel drum)

   fresh tomato lifting system
   cleaning system, sorting program
   crushing method
   preheating and enzyme  deactivation method
   pulping and refiningsystem
   vacuum focus technique
   sterilizing technique and aseptic filling technique



Knowledge about tomato paste:
we can help smallholder farmers make a lot more cash and smooth out the bumps in their incomes, since tomatoes that would or else rot will be employed to make a value-incorporate merchandise.
The great factor about tomato paste is that it needs a lot of tomatoes to make. Normally, tomatoes contain roughly 95% water and five% solids/sugars. Up coming time you get to for that can of tomato puree, check the focus proportion. Most most likely, the label will study “double focus” and the item will include about 28% sound content (also acknowledged as Brix). So if you’re producing paste, you will need 5.6kgs of tomatoes with a 5% sugar material to make 1kg of tomato paste at 28% Brix.

There are two types of tomato paste – Hot Break and Cold Break – and they are utilized to make various stop merchandise. To make Sizzling Crack (HB) paste, the fresh tomatoes must be heated right away soon after chopping to a very substantial temperature (ranging from eighty five to 100°C). Cold Crack (CB) paste needs the refreshing, chopped tomatoes to be heated at a lower temperature (ranging from 65 to 75°C). HB paste is normally employed for ketchup and various sorts of tomato sauce necessitating a 28-30° Brix, although CB paste is mainly used for triple focus paste at 36-38° Brix, packaged for domestic use.
Tomato paste processing amenities need a constant provide of new tomatoes, and it is vitally important that the tomato processing line constantly operates at highest ability. If ability drops underneath a certain threshold, or even even worse, if paste can not be made all day every working day, then manufacturing has to end totally even though all the machinery is cleaned. This can guide to a lot of wastage, the two of the fresh tomatoes ready in vans exterior, and the tomatoes in the facility in various stages of processing. 
So what exactly has to come about to make tomatoes into paste?  It isn’t really rocket science! In reality, it turns out that there has not been a whole great deal of innovation about processing in excess of the earlier 4 a long time!

Acquiring: New tomatoes arrive at the plant in vehicles, which are directed to the offloading region. An operator, using a special tube or boom, pipes a vast amount of drinking water into the truck, so that the tomatoes can stream out from the unique opening at the rear of the trailer. Using drinking water enables the tomatoes shift into the assortment channel CZPT being destroyed.

Sorting: More water is constantly pumped into the selection channel. This drinking water carries the tomatoes into the roller elevator, rinses them, and conveys them to the sorting station. At the sorting station, personnel take away materials other than tomatoes (MOT), as effectively as the environmentally friendly, damaged and discolored tomatoes.  These are positioned on a reject conveyor and then collected in a storage unit to be taken away. In some services, the sorting procedure is automatic

Chopping: The tomatoes suitable for processing are pumped to the chopping station the place they are chopped.
Chilly or Sizzling Split: The pulp is pre-heated to sixty five-75°C for Cold Split processing or to eighty five-95°C for Very hot Crack processing.

Juice Extraction: The pulp (consisting of fiber, juice, pores and skin and seeds) is then pumped by means of an extraction unit composed of a pulper and a refiner – these are in essence large sieves. Based on customer requirements, these mesh screens will enable more or much less reliable material to go through, to make a coarser or smoother solution, respectively.
Typically, ninety five% of the pulp makes it by way of the two screens.  The remaining 5%, comprised of fiber, pores and skin and seeds, regarded waste and is transported out of the facility to be marketed as cattle feed.

Keeping Tank: At this stage the refined juice is collected in a large keeping tank, which consistently feeds the evaporator.
Evaporation: Evaporation is the most energy-intense stage of the whole method – this is in which the drinking water is extracted, and the juice that is nonetheless only 5% sound turns into 28% to 36% concentrated tomato paste. The evaporator routinely regulates juice intake and completed concentrate output the operator only has to established the Brix value on the evaporator’s manage panel to establish the level of focus. 
As the juice inside the evaporator passes via distinct stages, its focus slowly boosts until the required density is obtained in the final “finisher” stage. The entire focus/evaporation method takes area under vacuum circumstances, at temperatures drastically beneath 100°C. 

Aseptic Filling: Most amenities package deal the concluded merchandise employing aseptic luggage, so that the product in the evaporator never ever will come into contact with air until it reaches the customer. The concentrate is sent from the evaporator straight to an aseptic tank – it is then pumped at large force by means of the aseptic sterilizer-cooler (also named a flash cooler) to the aseptic filler, the place it is loaded into big, pre-sterilized aseptic luggage. When packaged, the concentrate can be kept up to 24 months.
Some services choose to package deal their concluded solution underneath non-aseptic circumstances. This paste need to go through an added stage soon after packaging – it is heated to pasteurize the paste, and then held underneath observation for 14 times before currently being launched to the client.
The procedure of producing tomato paste is power and funds intensive. So following time you achieve for that bottle of ketchup or that slice of pizza, you now know a little more about how it obtained to the eating table! 

2.Ketchup packing creation line
  from (tomato paste concentration)  to ( small package deal, in sachet/ can/ botle and so on.)

  The extraction pump – formulations tank – sterilizing machine – can (bottle) washing equipment – filling device – capping  machine (Capper) – tunnel spray sterilizing device – drying device – printer – packing

Processing line movement as subsequent:

Sort reminder to dear customer:

remember to kindly understand that the tomato paste creation line is a highly CZPT product. Our business is capable to design and style a processing line with capacity 10T-1500T per working day. The equipment configuration also will be different dependent on the automation diploma and the last products sort you want to get.Therefore,If you require a quotation proposal from us, remember to speak to our workers and provide the adhering to knowledge to provide you better:


1.What is actually the believed potential? Particularly, How numerous refreshing tomatoes you plan to procedure for every day? 

two.What will be the ultimate package of your tomato paste? in drum, in tinplate or in pouch or in bulk?Will your merchandise going through wholesale market or retail market place?

three.When and the place you want to commence this undertaking?
4.Will this task be value-oriented or top quality-diven? 

About Us:

Our organization is the very first firm to manufacture comprehensive foods&beverage processing line in China and we are trying to keep management placement in the tomato paste processing line for 30 a long time since 1986 when China introduce technique from Italy/German and start off to manufacture.Till now, we have set up forty six tomato processing manufacturing facility in domestic and oversea marketplace.

We has impartial mental house legal rights of numerous tools, which includes: huge vacuum evaporation concentrating gear (1000L-60000L/H), huge sterilization products (tube and tube in tube kind 1T/H-50T/H), huge drying products (drinking water evaporation quantity one hundred-10000T/H), aseptic filling equipment, and many innovative pre-therapy equipment  for various fruits. Between them, the concentrated products for juice and jam, with its substantial performance and extremely-minimal temperature , has acquired higher popularity in this market And huge tube-in-tube sterilization products have obtain main breakthrough in energy preserving, saving thirty% strength when compared with the business standard, which has owned  the nationwide patent (Patent No.: ZL 201120565107.two) Various varieties of innovative juicing and beating gear have been position initial for ongoing 7 years  regarding their good quality and income quantity.

We are the best option for tomato paste processing in Turnkey Solution! 

Thoughtful Right after-sale providers:

1). We make precise manufacturing facility structure design according to customer’s factory dimensions if the buyer required, we could make workshop style.
two). Soon after getting agency purchase and down payment, we start off to implement for the Visa to your country right away although the equipment comes your manufacturing unit, our engineers are all set to start off for the commissioning service.
3). 1-two of our engineers will go to your factory to set up and adjust the processing line to understand typical creation at shortest time.
4). Our engineers have obligation to train the workers how to operate, clear, sustain and fix all the equipment, right up until the personnel could well work the processing line.
five). Our engineers can provide fundamental method for the manufacturing, and assist the buyer to make great top quality foodstuff in accordance customer’s in depth system
six). It normally costs ten-fourteen days for the commissioning provider, and we supply 1 year guarantee from the day of completion of commissioning services.

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Tomato Paste Processing Line Ketchup Processing and Filling in Drum and Bottle