Series Vertical Filling-Sealing Machine

Series Vertical Filling-Sealing Machine

Our equipment is mostly utilised for filling and sealing ampoules in pharmaceutical vegetation in aseptic circumstances.
The machine adopts the stepping type conveying system in the arrangement of 8, 10, twelve, 16 perform stations with a balcony construction to deliver bottles with eight, 10, twelve, 16 kinds in a team to each and every approach. Procedures of separation, bottle conveying, entrance nitrogen charging, medication filling, rear nitrogen charging, preheating, wire drawing, sealing, and so on are accomplished immediately. The device is ideal for filling and sealing of ampoule injection in aseptic problems.

1)  The previous three-area sector block construction is changed into the integral pulling wheel construction. The auger is related with the integral pulling wheel. The link of the integral pushing wheel with the little travel beam is much more stable and there is virtually no broken bottle, so that the defect that the outdated-fashioned sector block construction is hard to alter and straightforward to loosen and dislocate is solved.
2)  In the transmission element, the preceding chain driving is changed into the synchronous toothed belt driving, highlighted by a lot more secure transmission and decrease sound.
three)  The bottle moving distance and the interval among bottles are decreased. The duration of the vacation beam is almost 1/2 of the preceding size. With great rigidity, the vacation beam moves more stably.
4)  For the moving and guiding construction of the vacation beam, the sliding sleeve variety is altered into the rolling manual rail kind to permit the travel beam to move a lot more flexibly whilst its rigidity is also improved.
five)  The filling function station is made with the unique bottle positioning gadget, which realizes less difficult and much more exact bottle positioning, and tends to make the insertion of the filling needle into the bottle mouth with larger security.

CZPT Parameters

Merchandise model AGFd16/one-two
Relevant specification(ml) Ampoule: 1-5ml
Creation potential(pcs/h) one-2ml: 42000
Filling precision(%) ≤ ± two.five
Fuel gasoline consumption and stress Use:one.5-two.5m3/h     Force:.2-.3mpa
Oxygen intake and strain Consumption:1.2-1.5m3/h     Force:.2-.3mpa
Total dimensions(L × W × H) 4012 × 2088 × 2530
Excess weight(kg) 2500
Energy supply 380V   50Hz, 2.2kw

Our Merchandise:

Working Principle
(1)Transmi ssion mechanism: The transmission mechanism is mainly controlled by the high precision inHangCZPT mechanism to control the intermittent rolling of the cleaning roller.
(two)Roller mechanism: The roller mechanism is divided into 6 equal parts, which is controlled by the transmission mechanism for intermittent rolling.
(three)Bottle pulling mechanism: The bottle pulling mechanism is a pair of nylon discs, which is rotated to push 2 to 3 bottles per rotation (The bigger the bottle, the less the cleaning).
(four)working principle:The bottle is conveyed from the pre-equipment to the entrance of the bottle washing machine. Pull in by dial,push into six equal bottle cleaning area, blowing inside by high pressure gas to make fine particles out of the bottle. Repeat cleaning the inner wall of the bottle so that the residue is completely removed.At 

 last, the bottle is pushed out of the bottle washing machine to the next packing process.

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Series Vertical Filling-Sealing Machine