Semiauto Paperboard 2 Color Printing Die Cutting Slotter Machine

Semiauto Paperboard 2 Color Printing Die Cutting Slotter Machine

       Semiauto paperboard 2 coloration printing die reducing slotter machine



 The equipment adopts chain-paper feeding.
Adopting QT400 Ductile iron equipment driving
Rockery interval adjustment system avoids central deviation of upper and decrease knife rolls led by conventional adjustment,therefore guarantee equilibrium procedure rolls and distinct print CZPT double shadow.
Auto cycling ink-feed technique ,roller lifted pneumatic and individual rotating.
All the axles of roller chrome -plated for boost the hardness
Printing and grooving electrical period altering mechanism undertake world type gear structure (it can be modified 360 degree although revolving and stopping)
CZPTally separation and pneumatic locking
Module design ,any mix of multi-coloration printing unit
Automobile count unit to display appropriate production quantity.

The slot knife thickness 7 millimeter,made by higher quality ally,tooth profile reducing sharp,the grinding resistance large.
The slot knife phasing adjustment organization ,the frequency changer the brake,static 360 diploma adjustments.
The slot knife lateral motion makes use of the electrically operated handle,the adjustment is rapid and correct.
Regards the consumer to want to be achievable to match the punch unit..
Slot division are additional the pre-push rolling established ,increase the cardboard resistant to compression capacity.
Compressing wheel disk are additional on the press line and cut angle seat, to ensure the papers junction are easy, easy to glue box.

Max.feeding measurement (mm) 1400×2600
Max.printing size (mm) 1400×2400
Min.feeding dimension (mm) 380×550
Operating pace (pcs/min.) 60
Max. Slotting depth (mm) 390
Printing plate thickness (mm) 6
Paperboard thickness (layers) three,five,7
Slotting width (mm) 7
Registration precision (mm) ≤0.8
Slotting precision (mm) ≤+/- one.5
Min. Slotting interval(mm) 125x125x125x125   (Regular)
  215x40x215x40   (Revise )


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Semiauto Paperboard 2 Color Printing Die Cutting Slotter Machine