Lead Free Reflow Oven Small Reflow Oven Wave Slodering Machine Tn360c

Lead Free Reflow Oven Small Reflow Oven Wave Slodering Machine Tn360c

 SMT 6Heating Zone Reflow Soldering  oven 
SMT 6Heating Zone Leadfree Reflow oven TN360C  makes use of SSR reliable relay (450V) that has large electrical power and pressure prevention to non-speak to output, secure and trustworthy. It can keep track of the modify of temperature and warmth amount in furnace chamber with the capabilities fuzzy management and knowledge assortment. Then handle the heating element with the minimum pulse and reaction quickly. TO keeps the Temperature management precision, but the products can not be injury for the large recent and higher voltage. And each and every place suits a protection pipe which is high temperature and higher force resistant operate so that the total technique can run safely and securely and calmly.
1> Intuitional welding manage:   TN360C adopts innovative furnace temperature collection method. It can take a look at temperature curve and temperature in furnace hearth. The temperature curve can be recorded or printed at the exact same time.

2> Smooth and risk-free transmission system: Drive system adopts a substantial top quality conversion motor and conversion program .It also has a shut-loop governor and Turbine pace reducing box of 1:one hundred to keep working effortlessly .Pace:01600mm/min.

3> Stable and safe electric control system: Delay switch protection. Following energy off, temperature drops evenly so that can prevent harm to transmission component and heater.

4>  Upper and lower heating zones are individually controlled. The circulation velocity can also modify individually. It is suited for welding distinct PCB plates and components.
The selling stage :
1. Chanel reflow oven with  the thickness of 150mm

two. Use 24 chanel modular style reflow oven hardware temperature control technique .

3. The only market can obtain custom fuinction reflow oven software program method .

4. The only sector have remote handle reflow oven software method

5. Outfitted with top brand name HP OR Lenovo pc,this kind of as optional industy computer according to buyer requirment .

Product TN360C
Heating element parameter
Heating zone 6 heating zones(six higher,six cover)+1 cooling zone
Heating technique Total forced Very hot air heating
Heating region duration 1800mm
Cooling zone 1 zone,  (1up/1 underneath)
Cooling approach transverse stream vortex centrifuge blower
Constructed-in automatic relay heating system To prevent over-stress damage controller or motor when begin up and to prevent element hurt when welding.
 Transmission parameter
PCB Board width ≤ 300mm
PCB conveyor Top 900±20mm
conveyor direction L→R
    CZPT Content Stainless steel
Chain-driven Mesh belt conveyor Web belt and chain-driven transmission
Mesh belt width 300mm
CZPT pace -1600mm/min adjustable
Control part parameter
Power offer 380V (3 ph, four wires) 50/60Hz
Max Power 34kw
Standard operating electricity 19KW
Warm-up time ≤ 30min
Manage program PLC+ Torch module temp handle method+ IPC
Range of temperature management Room Temperature-360 ºC
Temperature manage Innovative CZPT micro pc PID temperature manage automatically in every single zone + SSR non-contact output
Precision of temperature control ± 2ºC
Temperature distributing mistake ± 2ºC
Machine Entire body Parameter
 Net Weight 680 kg
Dimension( L×W×H )(mm) (2900×900×1300mm)

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Lead Free Reflow Oven Small Reflow Oven Wave Slodering Machine Tn360c