Cardboard Packaging Machine Carton Wrap-Around Packer for Bottles

Cardboard Packaging Machine Carton Wrap-Around Packer for Bottles

Cardboard Packaging Machine carton wrap-close to packer For Bottles

Cardboard Packaging Equipment carton wrap-close to packer For Bottles basic summary and necessity

The equipment undertake to servo spot, PLC controlling, automobile procedure, principal travel adopt to import motor drive, multi diploma rotation via chain, chain wheel pace regulator ect.  It vehicle degree is high, trustworthy managing, easy to change, intelligentize manipulation ect gain, can broadly utilized for beverage, beer, chemistry, meals, drugs ect industry, can do all variety of tin and bottle 2nd time deal, can match with automobile filling generation line.

Cardboard Packaging Machine carton wrap-around packer For Bottles primary parameter

Solution capability:15carton for every moment


Score energy: 15KW


Utilized electrical power supply: 3 section,380V,50Hz

Managing energy offer: 24V DV

Compressor air:1500L for each minute, .6-.8Mpa

Scorching melting glue solidify time: one.five-2S

Device bodyweight: 4000kg

General measurement: L6285*W2582*H2115MM

Bottle entry conveyor dimensions: L3000*W620*1200MM

Package solution all round size: Length 350-450,Width 230-300mm, Hieght:eighty five-320mm

Deal bottle diameter: D55-108MM

Cardboard necessity: accord with intercontinental GB/T6544-2008

CZPT Structure

Carton deal process movement:

Bottle are divided to multi channel at conveyor, and then team by bottle separate fracture evenly. Bottle are grouped , then fall to cardboard by means of bottle fall fracture. At drop fracture with bottle and cardboard slide treatment, by means of one particular group of type block board, then card board fold to carton sort. Via primary travel with carton move CZPT, at the identical time, through glue spray fracture to end carton prime glue spray, once more the cam fracture through leading ledge fold, at the same prime carton fold to finish best sticking. Carton transfer CZPTer, once again by way of glue spray fracture to finish carton aspect glue spray, and by means of facet force and carton push fracture to end carton lastly form and sticking, and by way of major travel permit carton move CZPTer to conveyor .

Cardboard Packaging Machine carton wrap-around packer For Bottles Equipment configuration

Bottle transportation fracture

The element undertake to our nation very good brand motor and reduction gear motor separate go, via Japan Mitsubishi frequency convertor understand speed adjust. Bottle entry conveyor adopt to substantial module, minimal abrasion, make out through lubrication engineering plastic. For each details super layout, to guarantee character steadily. To ensure manufacturing carry on, steadily motion. Bottle Just before package, system will examine package zone if have bottle absence, bottle inverse phenomena, bottle dropping fracture automobile stop bottle drop and technique will exhibit.
bottle drop fracture

Whilst photoelectric detect bottle and cardboard also be transported to bottle base, at this time, cylinder will drive bottle dropping fracture, equipment pressure segment load cylinder minimize stress, allow bottle speedily fall to cardboard from bottle fall interval.
cardboard transportation fracture
Cardboard fracture is for saving cardboard and permit cardboard transport to the bottle fall bottom place fracture. And on it load cardboard conserving amount inspection fracture, when conserving quantity above on an quantity, technique will indict manipulation employee to incorporate cardboard. By means of market and demote cylinder boost board absorb  (FESTO vacuum start off ingredient make vacuum), preserve cardboard 1 by one absorb cardboard, right conveyor cardboard cylinder conveyor to cardboard major groove. By means of lessen motor travel transmission wheel permit cardboard major groove cardboard, via prime and bottom V sort conveyor belt to bottle dropping fracture base.

 carton dropping fracture
Through servo motor through wheel equipment in phase gadget , let remaining and right two group in stage uplift to cardboard bottom and allow card board soak up, and when bottle separation gadget permit bottle top cardboard, once more by way of servo motor drive in section gadget dropping, at the exact same time left and correct two group absorb plate absorb card board, bottle ultimately drop to primary drive conveyor chain pressure and back again clip carton chain center.

Facility simple collocation

Collocation identify Brand name Collocation title Brand name
Principal drive servo
Schneider PLC Siemens
Photoelectric sensor Autonics Pneumatic ingredient AIRTAC
Frequency transducer
    Schneider Glue equipment Dynatec
Touch display screen Siemens Servo controller Schneider
Motor    ZheJiang Reduced pressure managing Schneider

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Cardboard Packaging Machine Carton Wrap-Around Packer for Bottles