4feet Big Roller Veneer Glue Spreader Machine

4feet Big Roller Veneer Glue Spreader Machine

Glue spreader

Merchandise Description:

The glue coating machine has three rollers and 4 rollers, which are divided into solitary-side coating equipment, double-facet coating machine, 3 feet, 4 toes and 8 ft. It is mainly used for solitary or double panel, multi-layer board, plywood gluing equipment, Blockboard and so on. The machine has realistic layout, uniform glue coating, price preserving, easy procedure and low price.


one.Coating averagely, substantial productivity, help save glue.Conserve staff and price.

2.coating roller is  made by the large-quality natural rubber, the squeeze roller is chromate treatment seamless steel pipe, the roller surface area protected by stainless metal, never ever has the rust bec of glue corrosion.

three.Simple procedure and straightforward upkeep.

four.employed for plywood,core veneer coating and spreading.

Solution Description:

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Our Services:

There are complete Pre-sale services, After-sales support, CZPT support and communication, Supply.

Our staff of revenue and technical support is CZPT to support you in choosing the right equipment for your application Also in accordance to the actual requirements provide remedies with clientele.

one.Engineers CZPT to service machinery abroad

two.Warranty: 1year

three.For the installation, seller will send the drawing for fabrication on site. Seller shall send 

engineers to guide installation. Buyer shall supply all the necessary help during 

set up. Air tickets and accommodation will be borned by buyer, our engineers should 

be paid 100USD per day.

4feet Big Roller Veneer Glue Spreader Machine