Nm300 Nm360 Nm400 Wear Plate 6mm 8mm 10mm

Nm300 Nm360 Nm400 Wear Plate 6mm 8mm 10mm

NM300 NM360 NM400 Put on Plate 6mm 8mm 10mm 

Chemical Composition
Quality Chemical Composition / %
C Si Mn P S Cr Ni Mo Ti B Als
Not Much more Than Variety
NM300 .23 .70 one.60 .571 .015 .70 .50 .40 .050 .0005~.006 .571
NM360 .twenty five .70 1.sixty .571 .015 .80 .50 .50 .050 .0005~.006 .571
NM400 .thirty .70 one.60 .571 .571 1.00 .70 .50 .050 .0005~.006 .571
NM450 .35 .70 1.70 .571 .571 1.ten .80 .55 .050 .0005~.006 .571
NM500 .38 .70 one.70 .571 .571 1.twenty one.00 .65 .050 .0005~.006 .571
NM550 .38 .70 one.70 .571 .571 1.20 1.00 .70 .050 .0005~.006 .571
NM600 .forty five .70 one.ninety .571 .571 1.20 one.00 .eighty .050 .0005~.006 .571

Mechanical House
Quality Thickness
Tensile Energy
Rm / Mpa
A50mm / %
Affect Strength
KVtwo / J
Brinell Hardness
NM300 ≤80 ≥1000 ≥14 ≥24 270-330
NM360 ≤80 ≥1100 ≥12 ≥25 330-390
NM400 ≤80 ≥1200 ≥10 ≥26 370-430
NM450 ≤80 ≥1250 ≥7 ≥27 420-480
NM500 ≤70 ≥470
NM550 ≤70 ≥530
NM600 ≤60 ≥570

one) Thermal electricity plant: lining plate of medium velocity pulverizer barrel, impeller shell of enthusiast, inlet flue of dust remover, ash duct, lining plate of bucket wheel, connecting pipe of separator, lining plate of coal crusher, lining plate of coal hopper and crusher, burner burner nozzle, lining plate of coal hopper and funnel, air preheater assistance, manual vane of separator. The over elements have no high needs for the hardness and dress in resistance of the use-resistant metal plate. The wear-resistant steel plate with the substance of NM360 / 400 and the thickness of 6-10 mm can be employed.

2) Coal Property: feed chute and hopper lining, hopper lining, enthusiast blade, pusher base plate, cyclone dust collector, coke information lining, ball mill lining, little bit stabilizer, screw feeder bell and foundation, Kneader bucket lining, ring feeder, tipper base plate. The operating setting of the coal lawn is really undesirable, so it has certain requirements for the corrosion resistance and wear resistance energy of the wear-resistant steel plate. It is suggested to use the nm400 / 450 dress in-resistant metal plate with a thickness of 8-26mm.

3) Cement plant: chute lining, finish lining, cyclone dust collector, separator blade and guidebook blade, supporter blade and lining, recycling bucket lining, screw conveyor foundation plate, pipe parts, fuse block cooling plate lining, conveyor slot lining. These components also need wear-resistant steel plate with greater wear resistance and corrosion resistance, which can be manufactured of NM360 / 400 and 8-30mmd thick.

four) Loading equipment: unloading mill chain plate, hopper lining plate, seize blade plate, computerized tipper tipper plate, dump truck body. This requires wear-resistant steel plate with high put on-resistant energy and hardness. It is suggested to use wear-resistant metal plate with materials nm500 hardox450 / 500 and thickness of 25-45mm.

five) Mining machinery: mineral substance, stone crusher lining plate, blade, conveyor lining plate, baffle. This variety of parts need to have substantial use resistance, and can be produced of nm450 / five hundred wear-resistant metal plate with thickness of 10-30mm.

six) CZPT machinery: Cement pusher tooth plate, concrete mixing plant, mixer lining plate, dust remover lining plate, brick making machine mould plate. The suggested content is NM360 / 400, 10-30mm thick dress in-resistant metal plate.

7) CZPT machinery: loader, bulldozer, excavator bucket plate, facet edge plate, bucket bottom plate, blade, rotary drilling rig drill pipe. This kind of equipment needs the use-resistant metal plate with extremely strong and substantial use-resistant strength, which can be manufactured of nm500 and 20-60mm thick.

8) Metallurgical CZPT: iron ore sintering device, conveying elbow, iron ore sintering equipment liner, scraper device liner. Due to the fact this kind of equipment needs wear-resistant steel plate with substantial temperature resistance and powerful hardness. For that reason, hardox600hardoxhituf collection put on-resistant metal plate is suggested.

9) The put on-resistant metal plate can also be employed in the cylinder and blade of sand mill, various cargo property and wharf machinery, bearing structure, railway wheel composition, roller, and so forth.

Packaging & Shipping and delivery
Packaging : Lead sheet can be packed in sheet and roll , the sheet is wrapped by h2o-evidence brown paper , then robust mounted by iron steel belt in the iron or picket pallet . ( two ton / pallet )

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Nm300 Nm360 Nm400 Wear Plate 6mm 8mm 10mm