New Style Factory Directly Provide Roller Conveyor

New Style Factory Directly Provide Roller Conveyor

Solution Description   

The unpowered roller conveyor relies on the roller to total the transportation, which is suited for the transportation of all types of boxes, luggage, pallets and other pieces of items.The unpowered roller conveyor is mainly composed of rollers, supporting legs, pulling supports, regulating toes and other elements.

It is straightforward to connect and filter among the unpowered roller conveyors, and the complicated logistics transportation program can be composed of a number of roller conveyor traces and other conveyors or special machines to meet a variety of technological wants.The unpowered roller conveyer is suited for transporting products with flat bottom.It has the traits of huge quantity of conveyors, quick speed and easy operation, and it can realize multiple kinds of common line distributary conveyors. It is the most commonly utilized sort of conveyors.


Powerless roller conveyer

Device body optional content: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, and many others.

Roller material: galvanized carbon metal, chrome plated carbon steel, carbon steel
, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, PVC, Stomach muscles, etc

Please confirm the following specialized parameters:

1. Duration, width and peak of the conveying object

two. Excess weight of each conveying device

three. Bottom problem of the conveyor

four. Whether or not there are unique operating surroundings demands (such as humidity, high temperature, impact of chemical substances, and so on.)

5. The conveyor is fixed or cell

six. Other special customization demands

Packing & Delivery   

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New Style Factory Directly Provide Roller Conveyor