Metal Wire Mesh Chain Spiral Conveyor Belt

Metal Wire Mesh Chain Spiral Conveyor Belt

Stainless metal Mesh Spiral  CZPT Belt

CZPT saver spiral belt is typically employed in the food business, with the capacity to facet flex, the spiral belt are created to be utilized as belts for spiral techniques. Common in freezers, coolers, dryers, cookers, pasteurizer, transfers and more.

Technical specs:

Substance     Stainless Steel 304  /  316  
Overall Width      (    ) inch or mm
Required Length      (    ) Meters
A. Spiral Pitch      5 – 30 mm or CZPT
B. Wire Diameter     1./1.2/one.four/one.five/one.6/one.eight/1.eight/2.0 mm
C. Rod Pitch     19.05/25.4/27.forty three/thirty/thirty.five/31.75/35.five/38.1/fifty.8 mm
D. Rod Diameter      5/six/7 mm
Mesh Overlay Styles      CZPT Balanced Weave / Unilateral Weave
Turn Radius      1.1/1.5/1.six/ or CZPT
Side Guard      With / Without

Product Specifics:

Positive aspects:
1.        Clean belt surface area
2.        Good air circulation and effortless to clean
3.        Easy to sustain, facet guard CZPT
4.        Both straight running and spiral is CZPT, can go around 180°curves
five.        Pickling all welded parts and degreasing complete belt are our regular procedure

Common Purposes:
Transport, Heating, Drying, Drainage, Elevating, De-elevating, Cooking, Cooling or Freezing products such as bread, pastry, vegetables, potatoes, fish and meat, blanching veggies, proofing dough, drying, baking or pasteurizing.

Packing and Shipping and delivery:

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Metal Wire Mesh Chain Spiral Conveyor Belt