Large Size Industrial Reflow Oven for PCB Assembly

Large Size Industrial Reflow Oven for PCB Assembly

Large Size CZPT Reflow Oven for PCB Assembly (F collection)

Guide Free Reflow Oven/ Reflow Soldering Oven/ Reflow solder Oven/ Reflow soldering equipment/ SMT Soldering Machines

Merchandise Features: 
one. The model personal computer + Siemens PLC smart control program, large precision temperature management is ± 1-2 ºC (if the personal computer crash accident, and can understand off-line work, do not affect manufacturing) and to ensure that the management technique is steady and reliable 
2. Windows operating interface, potent, basic procedure, 
three. On the cylinder physique open computerized lifting equipment, ensure secure and reliable 
four. Geared up with mesh belt tensioning device, transportation efficiently and no shaking, deformation, make certain sleek PCB transport Synchronous guide transmission mechanism (and automated SMT equipment online connection), guarantee that guide adjustable broad precision and higher support life 
five. Automatic control lubrication program, by means of the set appear on time and gas charge, automated lubrication transmission chain 
ºC6. All heating zone all by computer PID management (upper temperature zone and lower temperature zone implementation independent temperature handle, can divide temperature location by itself. Can open up division heating, in get to decrease starting up electrical power) 
seven. Internet/chain transmission by personal computer to have out the whole shut loop handle, can meet different sorts of PCB creation at the identical time
8. With fault sound and gentle alarm function 
nine. With leakage protector, guarantee that the operating personnel and management method security 
ten. The built-in UPS and computerized delay shutdown program to guarantee the PCB and return welder in electricity or overheat not damaged 
eleven. The German ERSA planet major microcirculation heating method, and the higher and lower unbiased air microcirculation method, temperature uniformity and thermal payment substantial effectiveness, large successful supercharged accelerated air duct, greatly enhance the circulating very hot air circulation, temperature quickly (about 20 minutes), thermal payment for higher effectiveness, high temperature welding and curing 
12. The upper and reduce each and every temperature zone with impartial temperature inductive sensor, real-time monitoring and compensation every temperature zone temperature balance 
thirteen. Have password administration of the operating program, to avert the irrelevant personnel adjustments to the approach parameters, procedure information administration traceability process parameters adjust method, enhance the management practical. For storing user current temperature velocity location and Settings of the temperature curve, and can be employed for all information and curve printing 
14. Integrated management window, the laptop swap, examination curve, print curve and info transmission are simply operation, humanized layout. Outfitted with 3-channel temperature curve on the web screening technique, might at any time to examine welding objects by the real temperature curve (CZPT the other match temperature curve tester) 
15. From global technology fast cooling system, use a magnifying glass sort efficient fast cooling, cooling speed can reach three.five ~ 6 ºC / SEC, management is really handy The outer forced cooling gadget, guarantee that place crystal result (Option picked items, the standard configuration for forced natural air cooling). 
16.CZPT product assortment: stencil printer,buffer conveyor, reflow oven, direct-free reflow solder oven, reflow soldering oven,wave solder or wave soldering device, SMT chip mounter,SMT Choose and Area Machine, PCB conveyor, SMT equipment/SMT Equipment and SMT peripheral equipments.


Product CZPT F8 CZPT F10 CZPT F12
Standard Dimension(L*W*H) 5050*1320*1490mm 5420*1320*1490mm 6120*1320*1490mm
weight  Approx. 1850KG/1950KG Approx. 2150KG/2250KG Approx. 2450KG/2550KG
variety of heating zones Up8 /Bottom8 Up10 /Bottom10 Up12 /Bottom12
duration of heating zones 3120mm 3890mm 4640mm
quantity of cooling zones up2(amazing air conversion)
exhaust quantity 10m³/min ×2 Exhausts
CZPT system rails structure subsection built-in sort
Max. width of PCB 400mm(option 460mm)
selection of rail width 50-400mm(alternative fifty-460mm)
elements clearance leading 30mm/base 25mm
conveyor course L-R(Alternative R-L)
mounted rails side Front Rail Fastened(Selection: Rear Rail Fastened)
PCB transmission manner Air-Reflow=chain+mesh, N2-Reflow=Chain+mesh(option)
conveyor top 900±20mm
conveyor pace selection three hundred-2000mm/min
vehicle/manual lubrication regular
managing system  CZPT offer three phase 380V 50/sixty Hz(three stage 220 V 50/sixty Hz)
starting up electricity approx 40KW/42KW approx 50KW/52KW approx 60KW/62KW
typical power intake approx seven.5KW/8KW approx 9.5KW/10KW approx eleven.5KW/12KW
warming time approx 20 minutes approx twenty five minutes approx 30 minutes
temp. location range space temp. -300ºC
temp. handle strategy PID Near Loop Control+SSR Driving
temp. management precision ±1ºC
temp. deviation on PCB ±2ºC(by CZPT Board Test CZPT)
nozzle plate aluminilum alloy plate
info storage method data and position storage(80GB)
irregular alram irregular temp. (added-high/added-reduced temp. )
board dropped alarm Tower gentle: yellow-warming, inexperienced-standard, crimson-abnormal
cooling system cooling method Air Oven: Pressured Air. Nitrogen Oven: H2o Chiller

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Large Size Industrial Reflow Oven for PCB Assembly