Good Quality Mechanical Grille Equipment for Trestle Wastewater Treatment

Good Quality Mechanical Grille Equipment for Trestle Wastewater Treatment

one. Solution introduction
The TLGX sequence grille decontamination device made by ZheJiang Tianlang Environmental Protection Technological innovation Co., Ltd. is a particular products for intercepting reliable squander at the h2o resource port. It can continuously and automatically eliminate floating objects of numerous styles in the sewage. When the grid chain is driven by the driving mechanism of the reducer, the circulating movement is performed according to the functioning direction. At this time, the h2o in the h2o tank flows through the gingival grid gap, and the molar grille intercepts the strong particles in the h2o, and is in motion. The molars select it up and go up to the top with the chain of enamel. Via the direction of the sprocket and the curved rail, the relative movement among every single established of molars is accomplished, attaining self-cleaning functions. Most of the sound particles is due to by itself. Gravity falls, and other debris adhering to the hole is washed beneath the motion of the reverse cleaning brush and uniformly falls into the screw conveyor. Given that the sprocket chain is a shut circulation system, it can work repeatedly and repeatedly to get rid of floating debris from the drinking water.

two. Item application
The grill decontamination machine is appropriate for the elimination of floating debris from the original sewage, the principal element of which is a filter component generally referred to as “caries” or “claw”. The total grid member is mounted right on the channel, and the solid objects are captured by the filter belt and sent to the higher placement at the rear of the grid generate via the molars. The two sides of the grille bracket are mounted on the concrete channel, and the disassembly is hassle-free. The grille ensures that all the sewage in the channel can stream via the grille during the set up process, and the grille has no sides on the grille in the course of the decontamination procedure. Dead pit. The grid decontamination system can get rid of the accrued grid slag on the completely blocked grid after the grid decontamination mechanism resumes operation soon after the interruption of operation. The mechanical grille body, brackets and moving components are all outside, all parts are developed to ensure the longest existence in the harshest environments.

three. Merchandise feature
The composition is compact and integrated, and the diploma of automation is large. Minimal vitality usage, lower noise and substantial separation efficiency. Ongoing decontamination is blocked and the slag is clean. Excellent corrosion resistance (all moving areas are stainless metal and nylon) risk-free procedure, mechanical overload security and overload limiter security in the transmission program, the overload limiter meter can display the transmission load, when the underwater chain or the caries Soon after being trapped, the motor will be instantly powered off, and the meter has a distant monitoring interface to empower remote monitoring of machine faults.

CZPT knowledge

Design TLGX-300 TLGX-four hundred TLGX-five hundred TLGX-600 TLGX-seven-hundred TLGX-800 TLGX-900 TLGX-1000 TLGX-1100 TLGX-1200 TLGX-1300 TLGX-1400 TLGX-1500
Rake tooth pitch(mm) a hundred or a hundred and fifty
Rake chain line speed About 2m/min
Motor electrical power(kw) .37-.seventy five
Entrance h2o depth(m) 1.
Liquid stream rateV(m/s) .eight
Grilles gap(mm) 1 1780 3090 4390 5650 6960 8270 9470 1 0571 12140 13390 14700 16571 17260
three 3650 6030 8510 11290 13770 16240 18710 21340 23820 26290 28920 31400 34030
five 4450 7850 10720 14120 17260 20600 23800 26940 30080 33480 36620 4571 42900
ten 5230 8890 12560 16220 19880 23571 27200 three 0571 34530 38190 41850 45510 49180
15 6975 12290 17615 22935 26750 33310 38015 43335 48625 53970 59290 64605 69060
twenty 8720 15690 22670 29640 36620 43600 48830 55800 62780 69750 76730 83700 88940
twenty five           45640 51880 57980 65395 72805 85715 86320 92860
thirty           47080 54930 60160 68571 75860 83700 88940 96780
35           47955 55365 61470 72290 72290 85450 59810 98960
40           48830 55800 62780 76730 76730 87200 90680 90680
fifty           52320 56670 65390 78470 78740 91550 95910 95910

four. Packaging & shipping

five. Business profile
ZheJiang Tianlang Environmental Safety Technological innovation Co., Ltd. is a higher-tech organization integrating environmental products generation and R&D. The company is positioned in HangCZPT CZPT, ZheJiang Province, with beautiful surroundings.  It has handy transportation since it nears HangCZPT and HangCZPT seaport.
Covering an spot of 80,000 mtwo, the firm has superior manufacturing line and manufacturing technologies. By absorbing the advanced manufacturing ideas and sewage treatment expertise of the exact same business at home and abroad, it has cooperated with numerous well-known sewage treatment method specialists and universities. It has Sturdy non-regular design and producing capabilities, perfect production testing equipment, complete production specifications, stable and dependable item top quality.

As a production and study business for environmental protection tools, the company largely develops and generates sewage treatment tools, sludge dewatering gear, waste gasoline treatment method tools, manure fermentation products and waste incinerator. Products are broadly utilised in agriculture, aquaculture, petroleum, chemical, paper, pharmaceutical, meals, starch, metallurgy, slaughter, printing and dyeing and other fields. There are dissolved air flotation equipment, integrated sewage treatment method tools, MBR bioreactor, mechanical filter, disinfection equipment belt filter press, plate and frame filter press, screw dewatering equipment and waste incinerator virtually a hundred kinds of goods and add-ons. reliable by the greater part of users, it turn out to be the backbone of China’s environmental defense business.

In the confront of fierce opposition in the industry, our company adheres to the company philosophy of “”Concentrate on good quality, eager on innovation“, continually strengthens the merchandise research and advancement, so that the merchandise has a broader industry.                   
Hunting CZPT to the potential, we will continue to offer much more large-high quality merchandise and prompt and honest services to customers, and provide environmental defense remedies to you.
6. Certifications

Why select us?
a. Manufacturing unit immediately manufacture. Professional Straight manufacturing facility of mechanical grille.
b. Can be trusted.
Have equipped mechanical grille to UN.
c. Huge company. We have CE, ISO, OHSAAS Certificates.
d. Gurranteed good quality. We examined running every mechanical grille ahead of shipment.
e.  Ecellent service. will constantly be online services on you in 24hours/day.


Good Quality Mechanical Grille Equipment for Trestle Wastewater Treatment