Chain Type 2 Color Printer Die Cutter Machine for Carton Box Making

Chain Type 2 Color Printer Die Cutter Machine for Carton Box Making

This device absorbs the attributes of the identical product form overseas, particularly improves the framework of changing plates. ink offer transmission, and adopts the new design of the total of equipment and digital equipment.  

  • Primary attributes

1.printer slotter phase :electric quantity electronic modify
2. auto ink circulation system    3.The gear of the device: Vehicle lubrication with oil         
4.Machine body thickness:50mm   5.automatic seperated, pneumatic lock up.  

  1. Chain Feed table unit
  •  Table by a welded metal plate and channel. Desk plate thickness: 3.7mm. Channel is China’s nationwide regular of ten # channel metal. Ink Flexo Printing Slotting Machine 
  •  Table length 2380mm, 4 to 5 groups feed chain. Every single chain has three thrust feeder.
  • Configuration 2 side include. Made with 5 # angle iron.
  •  The forefront of the desk with platen spring. Flexographic Printer New Multicolor

Semi-Automated Letterpress paper printer Chian Machine 

  • Automatic measurement of the amount of cardboard. 
  1.  Printer device
  • Equipment enclosed spray lubrication system, keyless generate style, so that correct long-term chromatic unchanged. High-pace Ink Printing Slotting Equipment Manufacture 
  • Frequency handle technique to control turns into straightforward and flexible. Every single group of printing unit is outfitted with jogging button for simple control and loaded rubber plate.
  • Every printing device can be electrical separation. Printing Slotting Machine 
  • Higher-precision  anilox roller. The textured density of anilox roller is one hundred eighty-three hundred lines / inch, to make certain the printing result is distinct and lovely.
  •  Ink source method is pneumatic diaphragm pumps, substantial efficiency,  Flexo Printing Slotting Machine saving ink.  Automatic cycle offer. Cleaning with cleanse h2o can be.
  • Automated uniform technique to preserve the anilox roller quit. When the device quit,the anilox roller and rubber roller could managing independently for transmission ink and stop the ink dry out.
  • The rubber roller is use higher quality challenging donning rubber,and with the center of a relatively high  high-precision grinding. Semi Automatic Carton Flexo Printing Slotting Machine 
  • Period establishments is 360-diploma CZPT adjustment, ergonomic design and style.


  1. Die Chopping Element
  • Die slicing roller for the high quality steel supplies,30mm thickness, harmony correction, hard-chrome plating.
  • Wallboard for higher-quality forged iron substance,50mm thickness, and massive processing heart production.
  • Soft-roll automated grinding establishments to pouches repeat use,grinding3-4times
  • Line speed automatic compensation to make sure that every single batch of cardboard bins full of die-dimension line
  • Use CZPTed Polyurethane delicate rubber, ease of installation, can cut 12000000 occasions.
  • Mechanical delicate roll about forty mm lateral motion ,the pads dress in uniform
  • 40cr content the use of grinding gears for 6,reduced sounds long lifestyle
  • Die reducing roller cylinder automated separation units to lessen put on pouches.


  1. CZPT parameter


Merchandise 1424C
Max feeding paperboard measurement 1400 mm *2400 mm
Max effective printing dimensions 1400 mm * 2200 mm
Min method paperboard dimension 450 mm * 550 mm
Thickness of the printing plank seven.two mm
style speed 80pieces / min
economical velocity sixty items / min
Precision of the printing ±0. 75 mm
Printing rolling axle circle-oriented regulating 360 diploma revolving
Printing rolling axle-oriented regulating +/-10mm


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Chain Type 2 Color Printer Die Cutter Machine for Carton Box Making