12V 30W Green Underwater LED Fishing Light 8W Fishing Boat Light Night Fishing Lamp

12V 30W Green Underwater LED Fishing Light 8W Fishing Boat Light Night Fishing Lamp

12V 30w  Green Underwater LED Fishing Light-weight 8W Fishing Boat Light-weight Evening Fishing Lamp Product Description &colon
Leaf Libery Group Co&period&commaltd advertise 2016 new merchandise 8W&comma18W&comma30W&comma60W&comma90W &comma850w&comma1750w&comma2000w&comma2500 led fishing attracting mild&interval
12V 30w  Green Underwater LED Fishing Gentle 8W Fishing Boat Light Evening Fishing Lamp  Operating Theory&colon
Within minutes&comma microscopic creatures called zooplankton begin to property in on the green gentle supply&comma very a lot the way insects are drawn to out of doors lights&period Small fish before long follow&comma captivated by the zooplankton&period  Each and every link in the meals chain is adopted by the next&comma over minutes and hrs&period of time
The h2o about the mild will actually grow to be foggy with the swirling masses of copepods&comma little shrimp&comma and other microorganisms&period   Large baitfish schools &lparspecies dependent on spot&rpar will truly discover the spot of the gentle and show up night soon after night time to feed&interval
This behavior is mimicked by predator fish who quickly discover that effortless foods can be found in the shadows encompassing the glow&period   In a few months&comma your dock will be a normal feeding station for the nearby fish populations&time period
All this unfolds proper just before your eyes&comma and from the comfort of your own house&period  Look at as predatory fish slash their way by means of colleges of baitfish&comma or suck shrimp from the surface correct in front of you&interval

12V 30w  Green Underwater LED Fishing Gentle 8W Fishing Boat Gentle Night time Fishing Lamp  data &colon

Product Voltage Energy LED Qty &lparPCS&rpar Lumen Beam Angle IP Charge cable duration Measurement&lparmm&rpar
LF-FSL-8W DC12-24V 8W a hundred and eighty White&colon 800lm
Blue&colon 160lm Yellow&colon 320lm
360° IP68 6M thirty&ast180
LF-FSL18W 18W 70 White&colon 1800lm
Eco-friendly&colon 1440lm
360°&plus120° IP68 6M 38&ast50
LF-FSL-30W 30W 90 White&colon 3300lm
Green&colon 2400lm
360°&plus120° IP68 6M 38&ast50
LF-FSL-60W 60W 126 White&colon 5400lm
Inexperienced&colon 5200lm
360°&plus120° IP68 6M eighty&ast120
LF-FSL-90W  solar   90W 252 White&colon 8550lm
Eco-friendly&colon 8100lm
360°&plus120° IP68 6M eighty&ast140

12V 30w  Green Underwater LED Fishing Light-weight 8W Fishing Boat Light Night Fishing Lamp  Feature&colon
one&period of time Stunning physical appearance design and style&comma 360° beam angle&period of time
two&period of time Extended lifespan &geq50000 Hrs&period of time
three&period of time Input Voltage AC 200-240V 
4&time period Eco-friendly lights&comma environmental security&period
five&interval Lower electricity usage&comma substantial effectiveness&interval
6&interval White&solgreen&solblue&solred colour for decide on&period of time
7&period of time CE and Rohs acceptance&comma IP68 waterproof&interval
8&time period OEM support&interval
12V 30w  Green Underwater LED Fishing Mild 8W Fishing Boat Mild Night Fishing Lamp  Applications&colon
Widely use in  Fisheries&colon for light include web&comma sea fishing&comma small net&comma silver net&comma fishermen modified web&comma ponds&comma lakes for fishing

How to Decide on Fishing Gentle Color
Entice prawns&comma squids and Fish to your favourite place with these super brilliant LED fishing lights&interval
These Underwater Fishing lights can penetrate up to 75m by way of drinking water to attract marine existence at night time&time period
We suggest the following colours for these apps&colon
-White for CZPT Goal
-Blue for Prawns and Fish
-Environmentally friendly for squid
-Yellow shade simulation ecology sunlight&comma comfortable light-weight for most of the fish&time period
Entice prawns&comma squids and Fish to your favourite location with these tremendous vibrant LED fishing lights&period of time
These Underwater Fishing lights can penetrate up to 75m through h2o to draw in maritime lifestyle at night time&time period
We advocate the pursuing colours for these purposes&colon
-White for CZPT Goal
-Blue for Prawns and Fish
-Green for squid
-Red color is very best for attracting saury&period of time

12V 30w  Green Underwater LED Fishing Mild 8W Fishing Boat Light Evening Fishing Lamp  keywords&colon
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Leaf Libery Group Co&time period&commaltd is a factory performing fish attracting lights&comma fish attracting lights eco-friendly&comma fish attracting dock lights&comma
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In the fishing business&comma by way of the gentle to entice the fish is a extremely well-known fishing techniques&comma specially in the offshore fishery&interval The fish lamp mild entice fish is an indispensable method of operation of a product&comma it is mainly the use of fish has phototaxis traits&comma fishing and fish by the gentle-emitting established&period Fish lamp has absent from kerosene lamps&comma incandescent lamps&comma steel halide lamp Tungsten lamp to item updates&comma in reality&comma is to stick to the historical past of the growth of human energy source&period of time
Fish lamp for gentle entice fishing business is primarily metal halide lamp&comma the use of metal halide shortcomings are&colon
Initial&comma it is not environmentally welcoming&comma mercury air pollution affecting the environment&semi
2nd&comma insecurity&comma steel halide lamp is simply broken glass goods and a large number of UV output&comma will trigger hurt to humans and maritime daily life&semi
Third&comma you can not commence instantaneously&comma it typically takes fifteen minutes to completely re-commence&semi
Fourth&comma you can not adjust the brightness and mild color according to the sort of fishing and the environment&semi
Fifth&comma metal halide lamp lifestyle is usually about 2300 several hours&comma although the LED compared to the existence of up to tens of 1000’s of hrs&time period
LED light existing programs luminous efficiency can reach 100LM &sol W or much more&comma compared with the metallic halide&comma problem the identical optical energy&comma can help save 70&percnt of vitality use&comma while the 5-10 times longer existence&comma environmental security and security&comma it is set LED fish light-weight is the unavoidable decision for future fish lamp&period  

12V 30W Green Underwater LED Fishing Light 8W Fishing Boat Light Night Fishing Lamp